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For more than twenty years, I have been making panoramas. With the advent of new technologies, I am able to engage in panoramic projects that hitherto would have been either impossible or too time-consuming. My panoramas include many landscapes as well as some architectural ones in the historic village of Galisteo, New Mexico, taken between 1996-2006, In late 2006, I began my San Francisco series of panoramas. Click here to see my San Francisco panoramas.


NEW!!! These evocative panoramas are now available as 18 wide images on archival heavyweight matte paper. E-mail me for ordering info.

For more info about Galisteo, New Mexico, check out our other website: www.galisteonewmexico.com

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All images are copyright Richard A. Shuff.  E-mail: rashuff@yahoo.com

E-mail: rashuff@yahoo.com

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