SF Miscellaneous

Here are some things I find personally inspiring and helpful on my path - I will be adding more as I find them!


www.abgoodwin.com/mandala/ - extensive mandala information site and resources - one of the largest on the web. Co-ordinator for publishing Cara’s mandalas in both the 2005 and 2006 Mandala-A-Day calendars.

www.alexgrey.com - visionary artist extraordinaire! Plus he has tons of links to other amazing artists, metaphysical sites and more.

www.richardmorrow.com - Artist, Jeweler, Inventor friend of ours who travels between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Hawaii.

 www.galactivation.com - Website of Carey Thompson, San Francisco visionary artist, also with many inspirational links.

Healing Resources

www.artheals.org - great web resource for those interested in the healing potential of the arts, with many links to inspiring artists


www.somafm.com - San Francisco Internet radio station featuring unusual genres, including electronic, industrial, ambient.

www.beatport.com - San Francisco-based portal to the digital music community - lots of cool electronic music in different genres here!

www.samuraifm.com - Internet radio station with many hours of international electronic music

www.sacredsoundsradio.net - “yoga for your ears’ - Internet radio station with sacred, world fusion, some ambient music

Metaphysical & Spiritual

wwww.spiritualrenaissance.com - comprehensive astrological and therapeutic services. quarterly newsletter covering astrological and spiritually-oriented topics, more.

http://passage11.com/ - astrologer Michael St. Clair’s website, with prophecies and strategies for a better world.

My other webspaces

www.myspace.com/cara_lee - another spot for me on the web, with personal and other fun stuff.

Check out my San Francisco Tribe.net page too for lots of things I’m interested in!

E-mail: caralee2000@yahoo.com


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