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Digital Mandalas - Utilizing the artist’s techniques of the twenty-first century, Cara Lee brings the ancient and cross-cultural tradition of mandala-making into a new form. The artist is moved to create these heart-opening, centering images during the times of personal and planetary transitions.  Below are three series of mandalas, the newest of which are the Beaded Mandalas. Individual prints of images in all three of these series are available in 12”x 12”, on 13”x 19” archival heavyweight matte paper. E-mail us for ordering info.

Dreamflower Mandalas

Buddha Mandalas

Beaded Mandalas

Digital Paintings - newest in Cara’s array of media. She utilizes several different painting programs, and is learning new approaches all the time. With great excitement, this allows her flexibility and many possibilities for her imagination. Prints are available in 8”x 8” or 12”x 12”, on archival heavyweight matte paper.

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Pueblo/Dream #2


Baghdad Breaking #1

Baghdad Breaking #2

Katrina Dreaming

E-mail: caralee2000@yahoo.com

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