SF Miscellaneous

Acrylic Paintings - from an earlier body of work(1988-97) Rendered in a detailed, stencil-cutting technique, and layers of clear brilliant colors. To purchase an original painting, e-mail us!

Three Dreaming Chairs 12”x 36” $1500

Desert Dream 18”x 21” SOLD

Shell/Fans 36”x 48” $3000


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Cactus/Shrine 16”x 20” $1500

Lizards Taking Off 20”x 20” SOLD

Crystal Fans 48”x 64” $3500

Joshua Trees 30”x 50” $2800

Lizard Trees 18”x 18” SOLD

E-mail: caralee2000@yahoo.com

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Aloe Dream 30”x 50” $1500

Flying Lizard Dream 24”x 24” SOLD