San Francisco
Cara Lee
Solo Exhibits
Group Exhibits
Selected Collections:

1995 - Convergence Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  “CROSS/ROADS” series of 12 watercolors

1990 - Gallery One, Big Sur, CA  10/14-11/3  Paintings, watercolors, prismacolor drawings

2002 -Sacred Geometry - Mandalas & Labyrinths” - 9/7-10/18, Longevity Cafe, Santa Fe, NM digital mandalas

1997-9 - Galisteo Studio Tour, mid-October weekends  Paintings, watercolors, cards

1997 - Convergence Gallery, Santa Fe, NM “CHAIRS” Christmas theme show, acrylic painting

1993 - Ebert Gallery, San Francisco, CA  Acrylic paintings, watercolors

1991-2 - San Francisco Open Studios, mid-October weekends  Acrylic paintings, watercolors

1990 - Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA Fort Mason Artists Spring Show

1990 -  ProArts Tempspace, Oakland, CA  “Beyond Fragments - An Earthquake Memorial Exhibition” series of 10 watercolors - Quake/Houses

1983-4 -  Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NY  “Contemporary Continuous Pattern”  airbrushed collage

Donald Haight - Sea Ranch, CA

William Chang - San Francisco, CA

Vista Clara Ranch Resort & Spa - Galisteo, NM

Theodore Brown - San Francisco,, CA

Harry & Candace Kahn - Sea Ranch, CA

Barbara Seiler - Galisteo, NM


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